Welcome to TV-Tastic’s Trek-Tastic where we’ll be reviewing the entire Star Trek catalog from an objective fan perspective as well as providing you news, commentary, product information and whole slew of cool Star Trek related stuff including hobbyist galleries, etc.  We’re building this site with the fan in mind so if it’s about Trek, we want to cover it.  What we won’t be doing, unlike some other Trek News blogs, is we won’t be covering news that’s non-Trek related simply because it’s SciFi related or has the involvement of Star Trek actors and crew. Sorry, but we don’t care that Zachary Quinto was spotted in the toilet at an awards ceremony and that he made some random comment about Spock. That’s what TV-Tastic is for.  We are Trek and nothing but Trek here at Trek-Tastic.

Over the next few weeks, we’re gonna have some fun stuff for everyone out there and we’re looking for reader contribution!  So get ready for A Trek site like no other!  We look forward to seeing you!

In the meantime, be sure to check out the parent site, TV-Tastic as well as our sister site The Movie Bros.

About Shawn O'Halloran

Originally from Rochester, New York and has lived in Las Vegas, Nevada since 2003. Aside from being a huge fan of movies and television, he's a huge fan of Sci-Fi and in particular, Star Trek.

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